I know you have stumbled on this page and may have your own preconceived ideas about how my beautiful, bodacious body is displayed here on my website. But let's be clear...I have not always felt as beautiful as I appear here.


In fact, I was always worried about what others would think and say about me if I decided to stand in my truth and represent my God given beauty, gifts, and talents.


It has taken lots of inner work to release the bondage of what others thought, or how they viewed me.


That's what being a Goddess is. It's about honoring GOD and exhalting the most high who lives within YOU. Yeah, you! Just as I have found out who I am, you too can become the God/Goddess that you were created to be.


It's you putting GOD first by taking pride in yourself so strongly, and confidently that you put yourself on a pedestal by the way you love and care for your mind, body and spirit. Just like God (your source would). Not letting what others might think, or say keep you bond and paralyzed in fear.


A goddess is a woman who cares about, and takes care of her temple. Every true goddess thinks of herself in the highest regard and wants nothing but the best for herself, and for others. She is a reflection of light and love.

A goddess does not consume junk and flies on a high vibration throughout her life.


She doesn't chase, nor seek approval from others. She serves notice and is so magnetic that she attracts what she desires to her.


She moves her body regularly which ignites her POWER within & assures that her body and mind is operating at it's maximum potential.  


She strives to be her best self whether clothed, or unclothed. She is attentive to her surroundings and understands that any clutter, and disorder will contribute to clutter and disorder in her life throughout her human experience. She takes care of herself not just outwardly but, inside FIRST.


She desires to represent her best so she's able to present the best. 


She must love herself first to ensure that she can give honest and healthy love to others who admire her. As a goddess, she radiates the ultimate light, love, and feminine POWER.


I AM GODDESS... I am you.


I coach the woman who are in the process of creating a healthier and happier lifestyle.


She is a woman on a journey towards taking control and reconstructing her mind along with a NEW way of living.


There is no way possible to build and maintain a new body, or lifestyle with an old mind, antequated thoughts and ideas, right?


When I say taking control, I mean of your mind, body, and spirit too.


Sometimes you give too much attention to too many other outside entities and neglect giving that same energy, attention, and detail to yourself and your own needs.


In order to create the life, and lifestyle that you deserve and desire, you must first get to know yourself working from the inside out. 


You also must separate yourself from distractions that take you away from YOU. 


This is your time.


Be BOLD and CONFIDENT in your journey toward building the best YOU that you have ever seen! 

The Glow Up Continues...

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