I AM GODDESS... and not only am I, but I am a BADASS Goddess too! I have done so many brave acts in my life as a single women that I have to take a moment and celebrate myself.

I've raised two beautiful sons on my own, in 2016 I courageously pack all my belongings and relocated to Atlanta Georgia alone, and most recently I moved out of the counrty to Bali Indonesia, also alone.


Although, those are only a few of the badass goddess moves I've made in my lifetime, I had to take some time out to speak on those things because like most women, we are taught that it's not lady like to boast, or brag on ourselves. As a result of that, many of us shrink when it comes to living out loud.


If you've stumbled onto this site, or any of my social platforms whether intentionally, or unintentionally you may have your own preconceived ideas about how my beautiful, bodacious body is displayed, or how confidently I speak about myself.

That's exactly what a goddess is. She knows who she is... she has no problem speaking her mind, and doesn't care what others think about it. She owns her own truth and it may often come across offensive to those who are not quite there with themselves yet.

Some would say that it's conceit. But is it really?


Let's be clear...I have not always felt beautiful, nor bold as I appear.


In fact, I was always worried about what others like you would think and say about me so I hid out, and dumbed down.


But no longer...I decided to stand in my naked truth and represent my God given beauty, gifts, and talents from here on out.


It has taken lots of inner work to release myself from the bondage of what others think, or how they view me. I am done explaining, or asking for permission to be who God created me to be.


That's what being a Goddess is.


It's about honoring GOD and exalting the most high who lives within YOU by fully expressing yourself.


Now that we have me out of the way, let's talk about you and why you are here.


Yeah, you! Just as I have found out who I AM, you too can become who you were created to be also.


It's about putting GOD first, and taking pride in yourself so strongly, and confidently that you have no problem putting yourself on a pedestal in the process.


It comes from loving, and caring for your mind, body and soul.


Just like God (your source would)... Not letting what others might think, or say keep you bond and paralyzed in fear of offending others.


A goddess is a woman who cares about, and takes care of her temple. Every true goddess thinks of herself in the highest regard, and wants nothing but the best for herself, and for others.


She is a reflection of light and love.

A goddess operates from a high vibratory frequency in every aspect of her life.


She doesn't chase, nor seek approval from others. She serves notice and is so magnetic that she attracts what she desires into her life.

She moves her body to ignite her feminine energy regularly which also ignites her POWER within. She takes constant inventory of her body and mind to ensure complete alignment.


No, she isn't perfect, but she strives to be her best self whether clothed, or unclothed. She is attentive to her surroundings and understands that any clutter, and disorder will contribute to clutter and disorder in her life throughout. 


She takes care of herself not just outwardly but, inside FIRST.


She desires to represent her best and highest version of self. She heals herself and by doing so, heals the world.

As a goddess, she radiates the ultimate light, love, and feminine POWER.


I AM GODDESS... I am you.




She is the woman who desires to take her power back and reconstruct her mind, and body along the way.


There is no way possible to build and maintain a new body, or lifestyle with an old mind, nor antiquated thoughts and ideas from the past.


When I say "taking her power back", I mean the complete package... mind, body, and spirit. Those who are willing to "unlearn" every lie that you have believed about yourself. 


Most people give too much attention to too many outside entities and neglect giving that same energy, attention, and detail to yourself. I AM here to help you.

Transformation starts when you are willing to put yourself first.


To create the life, and lifestyle you deserve and desire, you also must know THYSELF.

It requires working from the inside out. 


You also must be willing to separate yourself from distractions that take you away from YOU.


Funny enough...sometimes those distractions are in fact YOU.


This is your time. If any of this reasonates with you, I'd love to schedule some time to talk to you.


Be BOLD and CONFIDENT in your journey toward building the best YOU that you have ever seen! 

The Glow Up Continues...


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I coach women who are in the process of, on the journey to, or need the understanding of how to began creating a new, healthier, and happier life.

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