Yay! You're here! So let me tell you about this program


In the past this program was introduced as a challenge and not so much of an actual program. This time I will be intoducing this as an actual bundle for those who want to start off year 2020 looking and feeling FABULOUS!


I designed this program to offer you the opportunity to build what most of us women actually going to see a doctor and have surgically enhanced. THAT ASS!!! Who doesn't want a rounder, more voluptuous ass, right? But let's not forget the ABS too!


Though I have great genes and can store muscle fairly easy, I haven't always had nice round glutes, or a flat stomach. I lost 45 lbs in a relatively short period of time and because of that, I lost an extreme amount of body fat in (including my ass). I literally worked my ass off.  I wanted so badly to build my glutes up again so I started squatting very heavy. I realize now that you can build, sculpt, and tighten your glutes without necessarily squatting heavy weights though. 


I'm excited to show you how to do it at home with little, to no weights at all. Once we get started, you can do this year around and don't have to wait for summertime to look and feel good naked! 


      So the details are as follows:


  • Starting 11/19 until 1/20/19, you will be invited into do this challenge as a special! Oh! It's for 60 days by the way. I want to ensure that you see your results.

  • It's going to be awesome and a wonderful start to propel you into the NEW YEAR with a more Fit, Fierce, and FABULOUS Ars hunty! It's very simple and there are NO losers with this one. 


  • You get (Exclusive) access to our online Facebook Group and the Goddess Lifestyle Academy where I'll be on speaking to you LIVE as a group each week in our accountability sessions.


  • I will have a schedule weekly exercises & Ab workouts. 


  • This will be an AMAZING Challenge and I can't wait to get started! It's like having your own virtual fitness trainer at your finger tips.


  • Now, here's the kicker...I only want a FEW people who will be able to be dedicated to getting their desired results. You have to be fully commited to signing on each week and following your meal and detox plan.




Bonus Special!

Sign Up before Today and Receive 5 Day Supply of Detox Tea & Meal Plan


Courses & Online Programs

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Are you ready to look better naked and have more energy while you're at it?!? Do this downloadable Mean Green Goddess Detox program for 7 days, you'll not only feel good, but also look amazing too! 

Your "Mean Green Goddess Detox" also come with a 12 week God Bod Meal Plan.  

To Build Your Bad Ass Goddess Mentality & help you

▪️Look Better Naked
▪️Eliminate Brain Fog
▪️Have Clear Skin
▪️Eliminate Intestinal Waste
▪️Increase Energy Levels

Confidence is definitely key to achieve anything FABULOUS and to become the highest version of who you were created to be. Now is the time to stand in your TRUTH.

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