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Why Detox? 
This tea is a great way to get started when you have decided to eat cleaner and become healthier. You are flushing out the old to begin fresh and new.
I swear by it and have noticed increased energy and a healthier appearance because you usually drop water weight quickly.

Detoxing is a great way to identify what is actually ailing you too. When you eliminate gluten, dairy, and wheat from your diet, it gives you a new perspective if any of those foods are not really agreeing with your body. If you have never detoxed before, you may experience a little light-headedness and mood swings, head aches and in some causes very loose biles. Overall, detoxing is a great way to give your system a break and, also gives you a fresh start.

When I am in deep meditation, or prayer I use detoxing as a way to connect with God on another level and in my most vulnerable state.

Whatever your reasons are for wanting to clean out your system, you will find that the TLC Detox products are one of the cleanest ways to do it without worry about any artificial fillers, or additives. Just pure, and organic herbs.

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