16 oz. Tea Tree Eucalyptus Body Wash

16 oz. Tea Tree Eucalyptus Body Wash




This bodywash is the truth! It's amazingly refreshing and great for any insect bites to cool the itching. I love it because it's antifugial, and anti odor fighting and makes you feel like you're enjoying a relaxing spa day while bathing.


The combined tea tree and eucalyptus oils is reall great for working out, jogging, and  those with physical jobs. The tea tree body wash an ideal deep-yet-gentle shower cleanser, one that energizes skin before or after an active day.


Because it's natural, it leaves behind no residue, just cleaner, healthier, refreshed skin.

The natural antifungal properties of the botanical ingredients team up to help heal nail fungus, eczema, athlete’s foot, ringworm, bug bites, and jock itch, while combating odor with its fresh and clean scent.