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Fear Is A Liar

Okay beauties...I'm sitting here sobbing with joy, anxiety, and fear while I am typing this. Many of you know how I feel about fitness and working out. I absolutely LOVE it!!! I really can't picture my life without working out frequently. I ask myself, how did I get here? why have I become so obsessed with hitting the gym each day? I can't answer those questions. I'm just here and I'm doing what I need to do to get to where I need to be physically and emotionally (yes, fitness plays a HUGE part in your emotional health also). There is no "end date" and good is never going to be good enough for me. It's become a lifestyle for my household and I. I've been sobbing and crying uncontrollably for the past 10 mins. The truth of the matter is I'm scared to make this announcement to you. My son encouraged me to tell everyone I know and to speak it loudly and proudly. He says, "mom, if you let people know what you're doing, it will garner the support and accountability that you need to be successful with your goal." Well today, I am letting all of you (and others) know that I have decided to compete in my 1st ever FITNESS SHOW (NPC Las Vegas Bodybuilding Classic). I am scared like ish! I was going to wait around and see if I could get my body the way that I want it to look before I announced it (just in case I needed to bail out at the last minute if things didn't look so good). The show is November 3rd 2012. There is NO BAILING OUT! How can I encourage so many of you that find strength in me, if I can't find the strength within my own heart and mind? So for those of you who have asked, "why are you in the gym so much?" This is why...I don't know if I will walk away with a trophy but the day that I step foot on stage, I WILL BE A WINNER either way.~I AM GODDESS

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