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28 Days to Cleansing of the Mind, Body, & Spirit

In the Zone

Oh my God! You can't image my dire need for a cleansing! I mean really to get back to where I'm feeling great as far as my energy and productivity is concerned.

So many of us get lost in the sauce of life and we are just going along daily feeling like absolute shit. Or, maybe it was just me.

Okay, let me just jump into what I'm talking about and you may, or may not be able to relate.

Since 2012, I have been on a healthy lifestyle journey and I really thought I had this thing under wraps. I mean you would think that if you have been doing the same thing for 6 years that you would be in control of living a staying healthy and happy.

Well, for the past 2, or 3 years I've just been getting further and further away from the mind and body that I want. The very thing that I had fallen in love with and that had changed my life had become a burden to me. I was becoming difficult for me to stay on track with my weight loss and dieting. Each month that went by, I felt myself gaining more and more weight, being more and more depressed about it, and having lower energy levels which lead to a lower vibration of who I thought I was and wanted to be. The more I tried to get a handle on things, the more I felt like I was getting even further away from myself. Before long, I was laying in bed during the times that I was supposed to be training, or eating the most horrible foods to get me further away from my goals and just hating life. I looked up one day and I had put back on all the weight that I worked so hard to get off. I was fat again. I felt like a failure because for some strange reason, I was sabotaging myself whenever I started my fitness journey. It would last a few good days and then I would quit. Some days I'd train, and some days I wouldn't.

I finally decided that when May 2018 rolled around, I would start working on my summer goddess body again, as well as, my summer Goddess Lifestyle. The reality is I needed to go back to the drawing board and get back in The Zone of where it all started. The thing is though, so much has occurred since 2012. I'm a different person with bigger goals and I want to start to manifest everything that God has in store for me. I have a better understanding of how everything that I am seeking is waiting for me. I also have an understanding that it starts with the mind. After the mind has changed, the body and spirit will follow. For me to get in The Zone, I have to get into complete alignment with it all.

After challenging myself to get in The Zone, I realized that there has to be others who are struggling with some of the same issues that I've been having. I want to go through this 28 days for myself first to apply each component to my own life. I can't be a great leader, or coach if I don't first go through this challenge and write down the areas that I've learned along the way.

  1. The main objectives that I'd like to focus on during this 28 days is maximizing my time while discovering better ways to accomplish more during my day that are rewarding and that allow me to get to my bottom line.

  2. Doing more of the things that make me happy and less of the things that don't.

  3. Searching inwardly for my happiness and not looking outside of myself for peace.

  4. Keep the promises that I make to myself just as I would the promises I make to others.

  5. Staying focused on a task until it's completion.

I will be blogging and adding progress pics to my IG @goddessbodybymo. Today is day 9 of the 28 day in The Zone Challenge. I'm excited about manifesting a renewed body and spirit.

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