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One Day She Woke Up

One day she woke up on some different shit. She stopped worrying about who was friend, or foe. Who was with her, and who had always been against her. She stopped waiting on the perfect job, the perfect man. or for the perfect validation, in the perfect situation. She was over the things that no longer served her highest good. She realized that life was too short to allow her story to be written by someone else, but to be the author of her own life and legacy. She traded in her baggage for the keys to her treasure box and has been unpacking it every since. One day she just woke up on some different shit and just DECIDED to give herself permission to live her life on her own terms. On that day, her life changed. #mindsetshift #iamgoddess #createyourlife #confidence #strongwomen #onsomedifferentshit #shedecided #reinventyourself #changeyoulife #buildyourconfidence #paradigmshift 

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