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When I lived in Las Vegas I was often asked if I was a dancer in a Las Vegas show, or if I ran track (due to my huge quads). It's always one of those sports that I get the most questions about. I wish I could say that I get the bodybuilding question the most, but quite honestly, they usually think that I'm a sprinter. Every single time I get approached with a question like that, I immediately start to feel even better about myself. My posture becomes straighter, I have some of the best conversations in my own head, and it brightens my day.

One of the things I've said in those conversations with myself is, "just imagine if I went all out and really pushed myself to the next level?"; "just imagine how awesome my body would be then."

I guess my point in writing this is for you to also ask yourself, "Just Imagine?" Just imagine if we apply ourselves, we'd be so much more awesome.

Are you one of those people who sit back and watch everyone else getting fit, or chasing their dreams in some form and wish it was you? Do you find yourself comparing your situation, or your body to someone else's instead of just going out and making things happen for yourself? Or are you one of those people who have tried and failed in becoming healthier, starting a new goal, and then talk yourself out of it? Let me tell you something, I am no different than any of you. I use to watch others chase their dreams and think to myself that it could never be me. I use to talk myself out of everything that I wanted to change in my life because there was always a reason that it wouldn't work (an EXCUSE). Right now we are going to just keep the focus on getting fit because if I told you of all the things that I have talked myself out of, I'd be here for days typing.

Contrary to popular belief, I just started changing my fitness life in 2012. I had always been in the gym just going through the motions but not really looking aesthetically the way I wanted to look. I was very strong and could always lift very heavy weights but my diet was all wrong. I had shed a few pounds along the way but, not nearly as much as I wanted to. The truth is, when I thought I was eating healthy, I really wasn't. I had no idea how to use food to my advantage (as fuel). Instead, I had been using it as a comforter when I became frustrated. I used it as a weapon when I wanted to give up after not getting the results that I wanted. I was constantly sabotaging myself even more. I just had no idea how to eat clean, or what eating clean was. I now know that food is my friend and necessary for me to be successful in achieving that "JUST IMAGINE" body.

I use to watch other bodybuilders online and wish it was me. I would reach out to a few and ask for advice, or ask for help with my diet and workout regimens. Many of them just couldn't be bothered and wouldn't reply. This discouraged me even more and made me think that I couldn't do it and I should stop thinking about it.

As a result, I started to invest in myself. I realized that I they were no better than me. The importance of finding yourself worthy and changing your mindset is what makes the difference. Many of us look for quick fixes and fly by night cures and create bigger problems. Those fad diets are the gateway to failed health and a vicious cycle of up and down weight fluctuation.

Working out isn't the problem, eating a clean diet isn't really the problem either. The problem is not believing in oneself to the point that you'd put everything on the line to achieve a goal. JUST IMAGINE, if you change your way of thinking about even the worse things that can happen. The negative things that happen in our lives can be used to push us if we CHANGE the way we think about them. Besides, the fear of failure is no guarantee that we won't fail. You have to be able to find and build value in the things that are most important to you. First and foremost, YOU have to be important to YOU. I hear all the excuses that everyone uses. If it's not the kids, it's the husband, or it's not having the time, or the money to get in shape. If you don't value your own self, non of the other things really matter anyway. If you aren't completely happy with who you are, you are not truly adding value to any other relationship in your life. Not your kids, not your spouse, not your job. NOTHING! You can't be a real asset to anyone else if you don't first invest in and value YOU. No one else is going to do it for you. The only thing that you have real control over is YOU. The way you think is a big part of who you are as a person and what your outcomes will be.

My biggest objective was not having enough money to buy the food that I needed, there was even a time that I couldn't afford to pay my gym membership. That's just an excuse too. But I kept feeling guilty about spending money on a diet plan when I didn't know how I was going to pay my car payment. Though they were legitimate reasons, they were still indeed excuses. I had to learn and trust myself enough to look beyond them. Why would any of that matter if I was unhappy with the life I was living anyway? My quality of life was suffering. I wanted to be a positive role model for my two sons but better yet, I wanted to finally achieve something and be happy with MYSELF. How could I tell them not to make excuses and believe in themselves, how could I tell them to never give up if I couldn't do those things for myself? I finally realized that I was being hypocritical and I was extremely tired of making excuses.

In 2012 I paid a lady to create a diet plan for me and I made a promise to myself that I would stick to it and not make anymore excuses. I have to admit, I was very reluctant. I was so fearful that I would fail and everyone would say, "I knew she couldn't do it". I had tried before and failed. Why would this time be any different? I was also doubtful that anything would change in the way I look. Often times many of us will worry about others doubting us, so we then start to doubt ourselves. That was no different than the way I had thought at the time. I figured that everyone was expecting me to fail so I wouldn't tell anyone what I was planning to (get my body in shape and compete in my first bodybuilding show). The lady that designed my diet held me accountable to the point that she required me to tell everyone that I knew. It was the scariest thing that I've ever done. I'm not the kind of person to lie, or quit so I knew I had to do it once I started telling people about it.

I'm so glad that I changed my mind and started to think on a more positive playing field. I'm so glad that I loved myself enough that I began to invest in myself. I'm so glad that I took control and changed my life. As a result, I feel that I can now coach others that are working toward the same positive changes in their own lives.

I know how it feels to be frustrated and having sought out help from those who ignored me. I'm open and available to those who seriously seek out help in their journey. I continue to do research so that I can use what I've learned to not only continue to help myself but, to also help others. Investing in oneself is the only way that you will find value in what you are trying to achieve and be accountable for your actions. But FIRST! YOU MUST DO JUST THAT...TAKE ACTION!

Just imagine if you invest in yourself with ZERO excuses, without any doubt, without fear of what others would think, or say? Just imagine how far you'll go?

It's time to go all out. New doors start to open up once you throw caution to the wind and take the leap.

JUST IMAGINE how far you'll go if you get out of your own way.

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