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We often hide ourselves because we measure our greatness with someone else's measuring stick. If others that we surround ourselves with aren't doing much to step into their true selves and live out their dreams, then we limit ourselves based on what it is that we see. We wait for people to believe in us, and support us when they don't even believe in themselves & can't support themelves. Most people are comfortable living in mediocrity and will never attempt to do anything differently because they are just comfortable. Also, most people will never take any steps towards what they truly desire in their lives because they fear failure, or what other people will say. I had to learn that just because people are in your life, they aren't all there to support you. You have to be able to separate yourself from those that are more draining than supportive, more needy than encouraging. If they don't support you by now, guess what...your waiting is in vain. Misery loves company so waiting on their permission is pointless. Know that you are great on your own & in your own right. This is your time to step into your true goddess self and finally show up. Serve the world notice that this is your time and you are coming! If you are tired of the waiting game and ready to SERVE NOTICE, Book your FREE CONSULTATION CALL TODAY. Book YOUR CALL HERE

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