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You feel that choke hold? That tightness in your body & mind??? Let's face the shit sis, sometimes you just have to get a grip on what has a grip on you. You are still allowing the things of the past to hold you hostage and suffocate you. 

No, I mean you're suffocating YOURSELF.

You're operating based on what's happened and who did what, and how they did you wrong. That's the past. Those people have gone on about their business and here you are stuck, bitter, and miserable. 

I know this because I've been there. I know how that choke hold feels. Literally and figuratively. It's almost as if you start to just settle into the lies and all that nasty stuff. Yeah, I know...it's not fair. It hurts, but sis, you're allowing your nasty to become your NORMAL. 

If you don't get a grip on that, everything you attempt will be raggedy and incomplete. Many of us look at the lameness that has occurred in our lives and choose to become that... lame, angry, helpless, and wounded. It's all you've allowed yourself to know and now it's your NORMAL. 

Trust me, I know..."maybe I'm not supposed to be married, maybe I'm not supposed to be successful in business, maybe I'm not supposed to have the body I want". Excuses and lies have comforted you. 

You've made a routine out of complaining. No matter how much you want to change, if you don't get a grip on what has a grip on you, NOTHING WILL EVER CHANGE. 

Book a call with me. Let's talk...we need to finally pay the ransom for your release. 

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