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A client of mine was feeling defeated about her current level of fitness & body yesterday. As I was encouraging her, I spoke about the highs & lows of the fitness journey considering I’ve experienced them. I explained the PROCESS also the gift & curse of fitness...YOU NEVER ARRIVE. There’s always more you can do to get better even after reaching a goal. There’s always the bigger, better, stronger, faster, next level. There’s never a point where you just STOP when you’ve made this your lifestyle. Even still, life and set backs happen. Some days you’re up, some days you’re down. 

For some reason she thought me, as her coach had reached ARRIVAL status. And I’m like, “hell noooo!!!” Just because I’m a lifestyle coach doesn’t mean that I’m satisfied with my body. No matter the amount of compliments I receive, I’ve never gotten to a point where I’ve said, “ok, I’m good now, I’m gonna stop here.” Honestly, no matter what a trainer, or fitness professional looks like, if they are honest, non of us are ever really satisfied with the aesthetics of our bodies. Everyone is striving for the (non existent) perfection. Truth be told, no one should ever just be satisfied with anything in life anyway. Unfortunately, many people who become complacent are usually the ones who really need to better themselves, and change the direction of their bodies and health. 

Learning how to identify the areas that need improvement and not allowing it to become an unhealthy obsession is what’s important though. With all that said, I HAVE NOT ARRIVED, but there’s definitely room for improvement. I’ve learned to love the things about me that I can’t change and embrace the challenge of changing the things that I don’t love. October 3rd is my 48th birthday and I have given myself a deadline to build the Goddess Body that I have in my mind’s eye by then. The journey begins now. #nextlevelfitness #levelup 

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