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Stop Asking for What You Think You Can Afford

Take the limits off yourself. Better yet, take the limits off god. START ASKING FOR WHAT YOU WANT AND NOT WHAT YOU THINK YOU CAN AFFORD.

Why do we turn down? You are no different than anyone else that you admire who is getting it and doing big things in life. You are no different from anyone who is looking and feeling good. It's about intentions and what it is that you believe that you deserve.

We all know how to settle and complain, and no one ever feels any shame about either of those things. But when it comes to asking for what we REALLY WANT, we become embarrassed and turn done our dreams because of what others might think. Some people even say that it’s selfish to ask for money and material things simply because they don’t see themselves ever having anything.

We began to look at our current circumstances and believe that’s all we should/can have. But noooooo! The fact that you dream about it means it’s already yours. You have to become the person who is ready to receive it though.Don’t minimize your dreams based on what you see. Seeing what’s in front of you will limit your true VISION. You have to LEVEL UP to get a panoramic view of the same area that you are standing in. You are looking at it from the ground floor. You have to have vision in order for anything to manifest in your life. See past where you are now.When you level up in your spirit, mind, and body, you intentionally start to move in the direction of your vision. You just grow.

Are YOU the person who can handle the dreams that you have right now at this current time in your life?

If you were, you’d probably already have what you want and be living the dream.

If you’re not on the mailing list for THE LEVEL UP PROGRAM, you will miss the opportunity to learn how to override your current circumstances and get what you really want in life. https://goddessliestyle.org/levelup


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