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The Booty Beaut Camp Starts Tomorrow!

So, tomorrow it will start....The 8 week online Booty Beaut Camp. I will be posting my weight and measurements as I take them. I will also be posting weekly progress pics and report of how this journey is going for me.

As I've gotten older, I realize that there are lots of areas in my life where I can improve and have been challenging to accomplish. Somehow I have always managed to talk myself out of completing the task of fully developing my abs and ass. It's much like anything that requires work, and is uncomfortable in life.

I keep looking at myself and saying, "you look good enough the way you are". Although that may be correct, there's always a next level that we can begin to tap into if we just allow ourselves to.

If we raise the bar for our own selves and start accomplishing the goals that we set out to accomplish, that's truly the most rewarding thing that we can do.

Building a Booty, Abs, and more Beauty on the outside is just a drop in the bucket for me. It sounds so trival and simple but it's much more to it that what is happening on the outside. We often look outside of ourselves fo our identity and validation. But truly building inner strength, confidence, and peace of mind is more beautiful than all of that. Knowin that you were strong enough all along is a wonderful discovery. Are you ready? I know I am...

Join me, or follow my journey



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