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You Are Not Meant to Be Hidden

I walked in inconspicuous to my new gym yesterday wearing my headwrap as royalty. But I actually went quitely and tucked away, in a corner alone. I've worn head wraps before but worked out in it for the first time ever yesterday.

Well, I walked in today (being my 3rd day at the new gym), scanned my card and a brother standing with a white guy, looked up at me and said sister "you already won". I asked "oh wow!, what did I win?" He replied, "you won the prettiest most fly woman in the gym award." I said thank you for noticing me and the white guy said, "oh yeah, we all notice you." I nodded my head humbling and thanked them again. I gracefully walked to the locked room and then thanked GOD for whatever THAT THING is that people notice. I asked for guidance on using it for GLORIFY.

It just made me feel some type of way to receive such a compliment because at that moment I realized that I am a jewel not meant to be hidden. I have taught myself to keep a low profile in public places and lower my gaze when I walk by people because not all the feedback has been welcoming, or appreciated. In many cases, I've been a disturbance and not always well received.

I've always thought if I can go unnoticed, I won't look too this, or too that. Sometimes we just need reminders that no matter how we try/want to hide, WE CAN'T and furthermore, we SHOULDN'T.

Stand in YOUR POWER Queens! You are not a jewel to be hidden, you are a diamond to drop gems of love and light on anyone open to receive them.

I want to be a reminder for you just as those men were a reminder to me today.

The creator didn't put us here to be hidden, we are created to shine so that we can be a beaken of light to others too.


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