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These are my first progress pics of 2019. Since December came in, I decided to enjoy life and relax MYSELF. One of the things I did was allow myself the FREEDOM to eat without so many restrictions. As of late, I've set some new goals for my fitness,life, business life, and life in general moving forward. NO RESOLUTIONS, just overall goals for the direction I wish to travel. I'm not LOOKING BACK, or worried about what was, or what anyone else thinks. I'm not even interested in any of that anymore. I've changed. I'm just understanding where I'm at now, where I want to be, and walking towards that. I think one of the biggest mistakes we can make is looking BACK and trying to go back to THE PAST of what was. My body is not that same as it was two years ago and I'm finally fine with that because guess what? Neither am I. I'm not the same woman I was then, my circumstances have changed and they change every day, my activities have changed, my living arrangements have changed, and my geographic location has changed. EVERYTHING and EVERYONE changes. Either voluntarily, or involuntarily, change is inevitable. STOP trying to go back in the past and retrieve your OLD BODY, or the old anything. It no longer exists today and if it worked in your life today, you'd still have it. It feels so much better to start right where you are with what you have and work from there to get your NEW BODY that works for you today. When I look at my old pics, I think of how restricted I was, I also think of how I enjoy my curvaceous body now. So, my goal is to build a new beautiful body where I can enjoy my curves, build lean muscle, and tighten up while having all that. I find that more EXCITING then to worry about how I looked 2 years ago in comparison to now. NOW IS WHAT MATTERS. What I was doing, and how I looked before is so last year. Say yes to your first day of NEWNESS! A clean slate. Last year is gone!!!! Let's get it! #newness #iamgoddess #beautybodyandbusiness #skincare #blackmusclewoman #loveyourself #positivevibes #selfcare #lifechange #sayyes #strongwomen #changeyourlife #healthylifestyle #singlelife Subscribe

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