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Choose Your Position Over Your Conditions

Are you walking around in your condition, and not your position?

I know the feeling! Many of us will prefer the condition (no matter how miserable it is) over the position because when you are positioned to be a bad ass, it requires taking action and making moves. Most don’t possess the mental, nor physical stamina to get at it.

When you are ready for your higher position in life, there is no such thing as complacency, or laziness. YOU HAVE TO STEP INTO THE ROLL OF A BAD ASS.

You can’t worry about who’s feelings you hurt, or who you leave behind while putting yourself first. Everyone can’t go where you’ve been called.

You can’t be a cry baby, or a punk. You must stand up for yourself and not speak your mind. You can’t worry about being unliked, or what others think either. You have to take on a whole NEW persona. The persona of a “BAD ASS”.

That badass part of you that is really you, but you’ve been keeping her covered up and quiet for fear of stepping on toes.

Well, I can only speak for myself. Maybe you’re not a BAD ASS at all...

Maybe you enjoy sitting around and watching life pass you by. Maybe you prefer your condition, over your position.

Yeah, I can only speak for myself sis. So, I say NO MORE!

No matter what the conditions look like, NO MORE denying myself of my god given position.

If you’re ready to position yourself for your higher purpose, let’s get it! Now is the time for you to join the "Bad Ass Goddess Society" while enrollment is FREE for the first 30 days.


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