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The thing that we tend to dislike about ourselves is usually what makes us unique and sometimes even the most beautiful. Most often it’s something that we cannot change and we don’t realize it’s a blessing. Even when we try to change it. It is you, it is me, it is us. Growing up I was always the biggest and tallest in my class (every class). There was never anyone as big as me that I can remember until high school. I stuck out like a sore thumb. I would just want to disappear sometimes because I’m an introvert by nature. I prefer my own space, my own zone, and my own company. As a kid you become awkward when all you want to do is not be seen, but everyone sees you. I hated that. I hated my big legs and big booty because they attracted attention from older men and I was reprimanded for being too much, and too fast by my elders. I hadn’t even had sex, but I was too fast based on the shape of my body. It made me build an imaginary wall around myself. I eat and gained weight...(a place to disappear). I hated my wide shoulders because I could never dress like the other girls because all the cute blouses and dresses would rip when I put them on. It made me a tomboy and to prevent the embarrassment of my clothes being too tight, I dressed like a boy (jeans and sneakers). They called me a “dike” (I didn’t even know what that meant). See...I never fit in. I always stood out. That’s what god intended when I was created. Not to be like anyone else. I didn’t understand that until recently. For far too many years I carried the burden of what others thought of me. I carried the shame of being to big, too rough, too weird, too much. NOW I OWN THAT. I wear it like a badge of honor. That’s what makes me beautiful. I AM not like you, AND THATS WHAT MAKES YOU BEAUTIFUL too. (Hey beauties!) I AM GODDESS... 

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