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Toot Your Ass In Public

Oooowww chile...I couldn't wait to come home and take my pants off so I could toot my ass up in the mirror too. 🤪

No, but seriously ladies. The very thing that makes you uncomfortable when you scroll down your time line and see me is the very thing you desire for yourself. You desire comfort & boldness in your life. Maybe not so bold that you are tooting your ass up for the world to see, but boldness to be FREE being yourself.

It makes you uncomfortable when you see me doing it because there is a small part of me that you see in yourself.

You know, that part that you have kept hidden from yourself and others. I know you are ready to unviel the true you.

Spoiler Alert! People will never approve of everything you do sis. Even when you are being a "people pleaser". They will always find something unacceptable about you so, you might as well live your life doing you.

Most of our lives we carry ourselves based on pleasing other people. We want to be liked so bad that we make sure other folk are comfortable at the expense of our own self comfort.

You dont even know yourself because you can't be yourself. You have only mastered fitting in to societal norms, religion, and tip toing around so you don't step on any toes.

BUT! Who are you even??? Do you know you?

It's time to ignite your GODDESS GLOW honey!

Do away with that hidden, safe, complacency that's been (so-called) keeping everyone comfortable as you sufficate with discomfort.

In January, I will be showing you practical ways to be yourself and IGNITE YOUR GODDESS GLOW for 2020. Join the 30 day online intensive for just $97. starting 01/02/2020.

Click the link! https://Linktr.ee/iamgoddess1 #goddessglow2020 #glowup

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