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I wrote this two years ago and the same still applies today! It’s been 3 beautiful years!

Guess what?!? Today is my anniversary! On this very day 3 years ago, I landed here in Atlanta Georgia and made it my new home. I had known that I needed a new flavor in my mundane life. I had always wanted to move away from Las Vegas and told myself that I didn’t know how, I couldn’t afford it, I had to have a job first, I didn’t know anyone there. I told myself these lies so long that for many years, I just continued to go through the motions of life. Waking up day after day and being normal and safe, but also unfulfilled. 

After visiting ATL 10/16 for my birthday, I decided to go for it and move here. I was so excited and went back to Vegas and told 2 people that were closest to me at the time and they both gave me negative feedback about ATL. Neither said, “I’m happy for you, go for it!” At that point, I chose not to tell anyone else. Not even my family. You see...The enemy will do it’s best to confuse and discourage you when you’re on to something great (using people who are close to you too). I got up one Saturday morning after trying to convince myself that I was crazy and went to uhaul and bought packing tape and boxes. I started packing my things, listing things for sale. Still having no idea how I was going to move with no money. I was going to work everyday and coming home to pack my stuff. Needless to say, two months later I was here. Taking action on that Saturday morning opened up every door that I couldn’t even see coming. People and opportunities revealed themselves that I never imagined. The moving company I used reduced their cost from 5k to 2500. My BMW broke down 3 days before my move date and I didn’t have the time, or money to fix it. I practically gave it to my neighbor and although scared, I kept packing. One less expense because I was going to ship it here. Listen, nothing was going to stop me at that point. Movers were scheduled, one way ticket bought, 3 jobs waiting for me in ATL, but no car. Lawd hammersay, you have to have a car in ATL. But no matter what, It was going to happen. I arrived in Atlanta and my whole world has changed! I’ve never owned a brand new car before. But because I rented a 2017 Mustang when my BMW broke down and everyone said I looked good driving it, I figured what the heck, let me go to the Ford dealership. I didn’t have a down payment because I used all my money on my move. I didn’t even have a job because I just gotten to ATL 3 days before and hadn’t started work yet. Nonetheless, I took an Uber to the dealership with nothing but some good conversation. I left that day with a brand new 2017 Mustang. Never thought about owning one until that day. Never thought I could afford a payment especially without having started a job yet. After working my new job for 2 months, I thought to myself, “what the hell are you doing? You didn’t come here to do the same shit you were doing in Vegas”. After pacing the floor for an hour, I picked up the phone and thanked my employer and told them I wasn’t returning. 50k a year is something most people would be honored to have and I said, “thanks, but no thanks”. I’m worth more than that. I decided to go full time entrepreneur. I’m still going strong 1 year later. I just left a 9 day stay in Dubai a month ago, and I'm set to travel the country to places I never thought I could several times this coming year. I bought my passport with the dream of traveling but thought I had to wait on others to accompany me. When that didn't happened, I never went anywhere I wanted to go. Now, I don't wait for approval to do me. I just go and haven’t skipped a beat yet. My business is and has grown astronomically, my creativity is through the roof and it was all just because I allowed my TRUE GODDESS self the freedom she needed to flourish. All by saying YES to myself regardless to who was saying no. I'm also coaching other women to start telling themselves YES and live out their dreams too! FIERCENESS, begets FIERCENESS. I’ve only just begun to spread my wings. Never looking back. 2020, watch the f&$! Out!!! IGNITE YOUR GODDESS GLOW 2020 #iamgoddess #GOAL #IMMABOSS #WHOGONESTOPME 

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