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2020 was your year, huh? New Year, New Me! How many of us said that? This was the year to step into your BAD ASS BOSS shit, right?

Well, maybe you didn’t say it. Maybe you lacked the vision to become the greatest version of yourself.

I know I said it though, and I meant every word of it (still do). Most of us had our own plans about what 2020 would look like for us. But the Miss uglass, Corona showed up and now we have to look at our situation and ourselves in a whole different way.

Now we really have to be on some boss shit like never before.

Some of us will come out of this victoriously! But others, not so much. Some of us have been infected long before COVID-19 showed up. They have allowed the virus of fear, complacency, and outside programming to control them.

But the chosen few who have not lost their belief. Those of us who have committed themselves to continual growth and understand that flying on a higher frequency is necessary to obtain the NEW YOU that you spoke of when the new year came in.

It takes strength and CONFIDENCE in KNOWING.

Yes, it’s uncomfortable. Most growth requires discomfort.

TO ALL MY BAD ASS BOSS TRIBE!!!! This virus is your calling to step into your greatest POWER.

I have developed some practical and tangible ways to raise your vibration away from fear and the scarcity mindset and start manifesting BEYOND what you think you know. It’s not just about body, it’s not just about booty, it’s about LOVE❤️.

BAD ASS BOSSES, let’s go! Beyond Booty 30 day Workshop starts May 1st! Register Now in my IG STORIES! @iamgoddess1


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