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So, I’ve been working on building my brand and why stop now? I was listening to Gary V this morning and he said if you’re not posting at least 15 pieces of content a day in different ways, you’re wasting your time. That means podcast, blogs, YouTube, Instagram, email marketing, etc. So far I have covered them all so why stop here? Just as I have been listening to positive messages, also wanna deliver the positive messages. (I stopped watching TV a year ago.) I had to have a talk with myself in 2020. “Do I wanna get likes and followers on social media, or am I in this to inspire, motivate, and MONETIZE?” It’s kinda all of the above. Why have a social media platform and not use it for good? Why not pour out positivity?, why not use my own stories to teach? Why not tell you what I’m doing to stay healthy, happy, and build my pockets? Furthermore, Why are you not?!? Why are you posting all the bad news? We all know what negative and average shit is happening in the world right now. I’m trying to attract the attention of those who appreciate the POSITIVE and who are ready to change their lives. I post pictures of myself to show you how simple lifestyle and mindset shifts can change your life. Today I woke up with a scratchy throat and was so happy to have my NUTRABURST on hand. This stuff has 72 minerals, 12 herbs, and 19 amino acids. It boost your immune system, which is what I needed this morning because today is day 9 of my tea & juice detox. It also boosts energy and that’s why I can post these pictures of me looking fabulously vibrant. So, yes! I want y’all to like these pictures, I want you to follow my journey, but most important, I want you to also feel good enough about yourself that you also want to look better. I want you to invest in YOURSELF and buy my products so you also build your confidence enough to use your own stories & journey to show someone else how to accomplish wellness in the body and THE BANK! We are all connected. It’s time to be a leader and start thinking about the future. You can do that when you don’t feel well inside, and you don’t like the outside. It’s time to GET FIT mind, body, and spirit. Now, like, comment, and go to my website and purchase your “GET FIT KIT”. Start sharing THE GOOD NEWS! We all know the bad shit. The energy you put out is what you will get in return. Linktr.ee/iamgoddess1 

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