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❗️TRANSFORMATION❗️We are 3 weeks into the NEW YEAR. I bet most people have already fallen off and forgotten about those New Years resolutions. How honest were you in the beginning? I told myself the NAKED TRUTH, “sis this ain’t it. Periodt” Transformation starts with you being honest with yourself first and foremost. No matter who sees you, who approves of you, who accepts you, etc. WHAT IS IT THAT YOU WANT? Most of us have become masters at lying about who we are, what we deserve , and how we really feel. Some of us are also so uncomfortable in our own skin that we have over time created these masks that we wear and walk around as characters. Characters that might be impressive to others but when we get real while we are alone and step out of the matrix, then is when the truth comes out. You can NEVER hide from yourself. I’m sitting here in an empty room because I’m letting go of the false narrative that I’ve been portraying. Stuff doesn’t define me. I’m no longer seeking acceptance from others, I just want to be FREE to develop and cultivate the real me. The real me isn’t defined by things and my quality of life isn’t about what I have, but how I feel. I AM GODDESS...so I don’t have to chase people, or stuff. I simply AM and I will attract everything I need. 2020 is going to be the biggest transformational year that I have ever experienced thus far. How about you? Are you ready to transform your life for once and for all? 

Sign ups for my Fit, Fierce, and FABULOUS 45 Day Transformation starts soon! Tell the naked truth. MonnaWhite.com 

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