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Hey queens! So, I have been in bed for three days straight with severe Bali Belly. That's what I get for eating off my plan when I wasn't even hungry.

But I realize that there are blessings in the PAUSE.

I've been sick as a dog and balled up in a knot all 3 days. Nonetheless, I had a dream while napping today.

It wasn't a dreamy dream but more like a vision. My "self" came to myself and told me to start creating the outlandish life that crosses my mind frequently, but is usually only a passing thought.

I was told to "visualize it" more, to "meditate on", and "call in" what I want with vigor and to know it to be possible, and good.

It was so real. Just me having a conversation with myself. It's funny because I have been speaking about this paradigm shift before I fully knew what it was about. I'm beginning to pay more attention to the downloads that happen in my life and what they mean.

We've all had outlandish dreams and thoughts about how we want our lives to turn out. We are always imaging what we want to receive out of life, but sometimes it's too scary and too unreal to ever BELIEVE that it could happen to us.

We normally just tend to think about those things that seem to be within our reach, things that might be a little challenging, but NOT OUTLANDISH.

If you took the time to think about something that you accomplished and didn't know how you were ever going to make it through, you know what I mean. Although there was difficulty, you did it. And most things we acheive without questioning our ability to do so at all. We just manage do what we have to do.

I think you'd agree that we have now been invited to a "DO WHAT WE HAVE TO DO" season.

Let's change the game with this NEW fertile soul that we have been granted. This time of pause and uncertainty is a blessing if you change the perspective. I thank God for this 3 days of rest that I was gifted. This is the RE-Boot to the Bad Ass that you were created to be. It's time to remember who you are.

Use the pause to your advantage. Be OUTLANDISH and re-create, re-connect, and RE-BOOT.


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