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For the first time in 2 months, I felt what the whole world must be feeling right now.

I was so excited to get out this morning to have my cappuccino at my favorite cafes after the 2 days in observance of “Silent Day” (see previous post for clarity on Silent Day). I had suffered a bit of cabin fever. It’s funny how I often talk about the fact that I am a loner and introvert, but when it’s required, it’s not as comfortable.

Isn’t it a trip how, when you’re granted alone time, space, and stillness, it can feel as though it’s actually being taken away from you? Wow!

Everything that I have become familiar with, and learned to love about Ubud was not there this morning. No smiling faces, no greeting me by name, no feeling like I mattered. The doors were closed and the streets were still.

Suddenly my routine was disrupted and I felt lost.

It’s happened to many of us during this weird time, right? We have suddenly been introduced to something that we weren’t prepared to meet.

So after walking the streets for a while, and then going back to my villa, I sat still. I recharged my energy, and remembered who I AM. I then looked down at my phone and there was a message in my dm that read, “did you have your coffee already today?”

It was one of the smiling faces that remembered me this morning when I felt forgotten. It sounds trivial but, even in times where we feel abandoned & uncomfortable, we are not forgotten.

There is still beauty in the stillness. Sometimes it’s a gentle reminder to be still and know...

we are not forgotten, or alone.

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