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Fuck Being Average


I used to get in my feelings when people would'nt buy my products & services.

I would internalize the rejection and allow it to be a trigger for things of my past.

It gave me a reason to justify my own lack and failure mindset. It also confirmed what I was already feeling about myself. Things like, "I'm not good enough, they don't like me, I'm in the wrong business, etc.

I have quit a lot of things. I have wanted to quit many more. But I persevere regardless. I've never given up on myself.

I've learned to REWRITE, REINVENT, AND RE-TELL a new narrative. I tell a story that EMPOWERS ME now.


The new story is, "FUCK them! I'm the real live billboard of what I'm selling. I really live health & wellness. Mind, body and spirt. I'm smart, and capable. I can do, be, or have anything I want in this world. Prosperity is my birthright. I'm beautiful and bold.

I'm working on myself daily and If muthafukkahz don't want what I have to offer, they NOT rejecting me. They are rejecting themselves."

You see...Most people are more comfortable being uncomfortable and complaining because it gives them a sense of community to fit in with the average people that they know who also sit around and complain.

I'm not average and they see that. I dont fit in and have no desire to ever.

So, for most... rather than to try to obtain a better, more positive life, they buy into lies and fake shit, and spend money on thing that don't move them forward..

Not everyone can buy what's real when they can't even be real with themselves first and foremost.

I have retired from the average, mundane life, doing what the average and mundane do.

I'm a creator and I am creating a community of those who are also ready to retire and rewrite, reinvent, and re-tell new stories while living a life of great health, and prosperity.

I don't get rejected, I'm the shit. Periodt!

Here's my invitation for those who are ready to GLOW UP and retire from the average...

Join the Goddess Glow Mentorship Program! Also, the Ignite Your Goddess Glow online Intensive that starts 01/02/2020 at 7p EST


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