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There’s a lot of things we can be focused on right now. Focusing on the negative is not where my head is at.

It’s not the virus that I’m worried about killing me. It’s the lack of sun on my skin, and being completely isolated from nature.

It’s the lack of vitamin D that I want to avoid.

During this time we are being told to disconnect from one another, but make sure you’re connecting with self & nature.

At least get out and enjoy the elements in your own neighborhood.

Fear & sadness are low vibrational frequencies.

Did you know that If you are fearful and low vibing, it weakens your immune system?

When you are weak & fearful in any area, you can be controlled. It’s time to take your POWER back!

3 years ago, I started to have some tightness in my chest, wheezing, and labored breathing. I thought I had a really bad cold but cold medicine wouldn’t help. I felt like I was gonna die and I was really afraid because I was alone in Atlanta with no on to find me if I did. I suffered for about two weeks before I finally gathered enough energy to fly back home to have a series of tests done. The specialists told me that all the results were normal except for the fact that I had very low levels of vitamin D.

I had no idea that vitamin d deficiency was associated to respiratory illness such as bronchitis, respiratory muscle weakness, and asthma. I really didn’t know. I now eat good foods, get out in nature regularly, consistently detox my organs/digestive system, and take vitamin D supplements.

I am literally eating live foods to stay alive.

Other hidden symptoms of vitamin d deficiency to watch for are tiredness, mood swings, high blood pressure, dry skin and psoriasis, and bone and joint pain.

My good vibes, good mood, and intuition is important to me. It all allows me to stay positive.

So here are my valuable tips: While being isolated and in quarantine, a great way to get vitamin D is sun gazing which:

*enhances mood & energy *boost immune system *improves sleep quality *decalcifies pineal gland

* increases psychic ability & intuition

Also eat foods that are rich in vitamin D such as, mangoes, squash, sweet potatoes, avocado, peppers, broccoli, and carrots.

Use this time to Detox you mind and your body.

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