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Hoe Energy Vs. Goddess Energy

I had no idea that the love I have for myself would make others so uncomfortable.

People get so offended by what others do with their bodies. And because of that, I am continuously showing women that....first and foremost, that fitness of the spirit, mind, and then the body are all important before you can understand the POWER you possess.

Showing your body in America is still so taboo.

Whether it’s whore energy, or not, I have always been sexy, fun, and flirtatious. I’m just getting to a point where I’m embracing that now. It's GODDESS energy that I exude, but many get it twisted so I have to keep explaining.

It's time to take your POWER back in 2020! Join my POWERFUL 90 minute training class on Feb. 16th where I will be teaching you how to own your power while becoming fit, fierce, and fabulous!

*WARNING* you may offend others when you take your power back. You are the orchestrator of your own life. You can't be walking around timid and unsure of yourself all your life. Check out my latest YouTube video on I AM GODDESS...t.v. where I go deeper on this topic.

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Contact me for online training, custom fat lose meal plans, workout programs, and to schedule your life coaching consultations

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