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When a situation becomes too challenging to change, then the challenge becomes for us to change ourselves.

Isn’t it funny how we crave human connection when we can’t have it?

Isn’t it funny how the things that once worried us seems so trivial now?

Isn’t it funny how just a 45 days ago we were hollering, “2020 VISION”; “NEW YEAR, NEW ME”, and now that we have the opportunity to manifest it, we have no fucking clue what to do with ourselves?

Isn’t it funny how mama use to say, “HINDSIGHT IS 2020”, and now we get exactly what the hell she was talking about?

I can go on for days, but I won’t.

Isn’t it funny how a lot of y’all still won’t see.

There are a chosen few who now know what they have always known but was afraid to trust it.

Those of you who were doubtful and uncertain about taking massive action. Those who weren’t sure they were ready to be the BAD ASS you were brought here to be. What you were feeling has now come to pass. You have been called to stand in your high calling, and the greatest version of self.

Now you are ready...and really you have no choice.

It’s your time...the BAD ASS RE-BOOT is for you.


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