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When I moved to Bali, I couldn’t believe the beauty of all the amazing, natural surroundings. The spirit of peace in the air and the peacefulness.

I felt refreshed and excited that God moved me here for a quiet space to “consciously evolve” (we’ll speak more about that at a later time).

Well anyway, since this pandemic/panic has taken place there has been little movement, I feel the shift happening. I also thought I had started to become bored with my same surroundings. The nerve of me...I complained to myself that the trees had too many ants and other insects in them. I even complained to the staff at the villa that I needed more lighting because the trees were covering up the sun and it was too dark in my space.

So, I came home the other day and I saw that the staff at my villa had cut away, and pruned a majority of the beautiful green trees (not because I complained, but because it needed to be done). It’s the season for it.

I saw how they even used bamboo stalks to shape, and hold in place what was left of the trees to prepare for the new growth.

It hit me different when I turned the key and walked in to see it. It felt so empty (even with the new lighting coming through). It made me appreciate what use to be there before.

The big green leaves, the beautiful red, yellow, and orange flowers. The abundance of nature. Suddenly felt no more.

And wow! It hit me this morning!

We don’t appreciate what we have until it’s no longer there. We often take our blessings and the beauty of our lives for granted. We complain with a sense of entitlement.

That’s why it’s important to always give thanks for everything 🙏.

I believe God is pruning and cutting away the beautiful things that we have not appreciated, nor been grateful for.

I keep saying that 2020 is the year of clear vision. We have to be stripped down to a bare minimum to see the beauty we once took for granted.

We have to be held in place, and be still to realize what we’ve not seen before.

But here’s the real blessing in the lesson...THE NEW GROWTH!

There’s always increased fruitfulness in cutting away the dead and the old.

This is a blessed time to grow and to evolve. It’s the season for it.👉🏽🙏


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