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MOTHER Nature Is Not Pleased

There is a shift happening in the land. People keep telling me to “BE SAFE” because I’m traveling. It’s a true testament that people exclude themselves from the wrath of Mother Nature.

We are so high and mighty as humans beings that somehow we think that, “it cannot happen to us”. (Whatever it is). We remove ourselves from it and look down, or show pity for those who are doing things differently than us.

Truth of the matter is WE ARE ALL ONE. “It” can happen to you too.

I predicted 6 months ago that there was a huge paradigm shift going to happen in 2020 (whether we want it to, or not).

I felt “it” strongly in my spirit. So, I wanted to build a secret society of other women to ban together and become their BAD ASS selves to fight against what’s taking place. I preached, “WE ARE LEADERS! Come on queens, let’s get ourselves together!” People are needing us to be the light. Very few heard me. So, I decided to save as much of my own ass as I could.

In December, I said it again and that’s when I set out to remove myself from the matrix (as I hypothetically sit here and type this on my iPhone).

But seriously, I knew it was time for drastic life changes while I had the opportunity.

I was so happy to return back to Bali yesterday from Malaysia, just escaping the border shut down there. Well, last night we had a 6.6 earthquake here.

No matter what you are doing now, do it with love and kindness. Live full out. Mother Nature is not pleased with us. It’s going down!

You can’t escape it.

Stop thinking it won’t happen to you. Now, you “BE SAFE”

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