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If I could go back and talk to her, I would tell her “Be brave sweetheart and don’t worry, I will save you”.

45 years later, what I know for sure is...

You really have to save yourself.

No one else is coming for you, so you need to use what I call, your”3-C PACKAGE”.

It’s that package that most mothers know all too well, but often take for granted.

When we become parents, no one hands you an instruction booklet. And in my case, as a single mom I wasn’t prepared, nor was I knowledgeable about what “single mom” entailed”. I just instinctually did what moms do and flew by the seat of my ass with the rest of the shit.

Was I scared?, hell yes!

Did I make mistakes? hell yeah!

BUT somehow I was able to find enough courage to care for my children, and to be confident in doing my best to protect them in spite of.

I hear so often from others how brave I AM.

Most of the time it’s just my 3-C package I’ve developed .

What are the 3-C’s, you ask?

The 3-C’s are, “CARE, COURAGE, and CONFIDENCE”.

Most of us are equipped with the package but, often only use it when it’s time to save others. Kinda like that old first aide kit we have packed away. It has all the tools we need but only manage to grab it when others are wounded.

We neglect the child within ourselves as if they no longer exist, rather than care for them.

Wouldn’t you treat every child with tender loving care?

As normal human beings, most of us would have enough courage to save an innocent child from pain, or danger.

We would be confident knowing that we had all the tools in the first aide kit to mend their wounds. Yet we forget to do the same for ourselves.

Long story short...what others see in me is just my package. Over the years, I have learned the importance of not waiting for someone to save me. No one is coming. Save yourself.


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