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Quiet Struggles & Double Standards

As a single mom of 2 sons I have been guilty of a lot of what I’m about to speak on.

First and foremost, I used to always say “I’m glad I never had daughters”. My reasoning was because I know the quiet struggles a female has to endure (I’ll explain why I say quiet struggles shorty).

We raise our daughters to be pretty little girls , and taught to see one another as competition.

Competing for the attention of men. BUT! We also teach them that they shouldn’t have sexual desires the way that men do.

We teach them they can’t be sexual beings. And we judge them if they ever seek to be.

I remember celebrating my sons when they had girlfriends, but heaven forbid I ever had a daughter who had a boyfriend. We praise girls for their virginity, but not our boys.

Then we teach our daughters that they are not whole unless they have brought home the perfect husband.

From the moment a girl is born, we are taught shame, and treated as though we have sinned just by being born female.

How many of us have had this said to us, or said it to our own girls?👉🏽

“Close your legs!”, “go cover yourself up!”

We also teach them that pretty little girls are to be seen and not heard.

And those girls grow up to be women who cannot say how they truly feel, or what they think, or even express their desires.

They grow up living in a box & silencing themselves.

That’s what I meant when I said, “QUIET STRUGGLES”.

So if you’ve ever wondered about me...I was that pretty little girl, but now I AM GODDESS...

I show up & speak for those who have not found their voice yet. And also for those who would be too ashamed to speak it if they even had it✊🏽🙏🏽👑

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