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Say "YES' to You!

I created a challenge for myself in 2016. It was called, “Say YES”. For 30 days, I said “YES” to everything that came up in my spirit.

I said yes to every invite, every date, everything my sons asked me for, I just said “yes” to it. No one knew what I was doing. I just said “yes” to EVERYTHING/EVERYONE. Just 30 days changed my life.

Like many people, I was programmed to say NO immediately. We don’t even entertain many offerings/opportunities we are given due to programming. We don’t even listen to what someone has for us. We just say, “NO” without thinking. For me, whether it was a sales person on the phone, or offering help in a store, the answer was just no.

It could’ve been something I really needed, but it was immediately no before the presentation was even finished.

I’ve always been an introvert so saying NO was easy especially when it’s to someone, or something unfamiliar and different than what I’m use to.

But challenging myself to say “YES” for just 30 days showed me that I had been missing out on so many amazing things. I was making others happy, and making myself happy seeing their response.

The challenge also helped me to realize that I had also been saying “no” to myself (and for too many years).

That first 30 challenge changed the whole trajectory of my life! Now, I’ve created a series of 30 day challenges/courses for myself, and my clients every month.

Everything that has changed my life, I offer it to you too. I only teach what I have learned myself along my own journey. I’ve been teaching what I know for the past three 3 years.

And for the month of May, I’m offering space for a small group to join my 30 day course called “FEAR to FIERCE”.

The things that you fear the most, are the very things that make you FIERCE.

WE START on Saturday, May 1st!

Get in on the $97 EARLY BIRD SPECIAL while space is available!

The offer is going up for sale this Friday for those interested.

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