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Let’s Talk About Sexual Confidence

I believe that there are so many women out there even at the mature age of 50 and above that struggle with being sexually confident.

One reason is because of upbringing and, religious teachings that say, sex is bad. So there are those who still carry “shame” is regards to sex.

Another reason is that some have been victims of some form of sexual abuse in life. Whatever occurred during that time made you feel powerless, and voiceless. Not being able to speak up, or protect yourself during that time also may have left traces of timidness, guilt, and inferiority as it relates to your sexual partners.

Body image plays a huge part in the lack of sexual confidence also. When you don’t see your body type represented in mainstream media, it inhibits you to feel good about your own body.

I remember engaging in sex with partners & not having the courage to communicate my discomfort, or dislike of certain acts, and positions. I just laid there and, although it was supposed to be pleasurable, I couldn’t wait for it to be over.

Sexual confidence comes after you have first become “self confident”. Furthermore, you must realize that your sexual desires are natural, and you are deserving of pleasure.

When you’re self confident, you find comfort in expressing yourself unapologetically, and honor your feelings. A person who is self confident understands the importance of communication. You also have the right to simply say, “no”. I can’t recall all the times I engaged in sex when I really didn’t want to, but still didn’t say NO.

Using your voice to express how you feel without guilt, shame, or being worry that your partner will judge you is key. It’s your pussy, not theirs. The better your self confidence, the better your sexual experiences will be. #loveyourselffirst

Be the Bad Ass you were created to be.

Schedule a consultation call with me. Let’s start building your self confidence today.

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