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Every time I go out to the pool, I always stay on one end of it. Not because I’m afraid, but simply because from the first time I started to come out to the pool it was just more convenient and easier to stay on the end that is closest to the exit. It’s also the shadiest side.

I’ve only done it that way due to programming. Well, since it’s a cloudy day today, I realized that I was trying to take these pictures at the same end of the pool. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough light due to the clouds and me being at the shadiest end of the pool.Then it occurred to me...duh! Go to the end of the pool that has the most light if you want to capture a better picture.

That’s a metaphor for life. Sometimes circumstances change and we have to be willing to adapt to the changes.

Most of us have allowed ourselves to be programmed. We keep doing the same things, the same way (even if we don’t get the best out of ourselves, or the results we seek.) We don’t go into the unfamiliar because it’s not always as comfortable as what we are use to.

There’s no reward in unwillingness to change.

All we need to do is simply make adjustments to the way we’ve always done things to possibly get a better outcome and experience something new and may add more value to our lives.

Imagine if you would only allow yourself to go into the deep end how much more amazing life could be.👑🌴💦


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