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You have to become your biggest project right now.

Stop being distracted by worshiping celebrities. They are living a human experience just like you. Start to become your own celebrity that you worship.

Stop being distracted by what’s going on outside of your control. By all means be informed, shine your eye but don’t lose focus on the real point of what’s happening on the planet right now.

Stop looking outward and go inward. When the smoke settles, you will begin to see what is really taking place (2020 vision). #staywoke

The only virus you have real control over and that should frighten you the most are the viruses that live inside your mind.

Mental viruses like; (Fear, complacency, and scarcity) are all low vibrational and will fuck you up from the project at hand. Low vibes will also lower your immune system. No one has time for illnesses when we should be getting stronger.

The only way out, is to GO IN.


I AM GODDESS... #newbeginnings #highvibrations #paradigmshift #energyiseverything #spiritualbeing #mindsetmatters #badassgoddess #goddesspower #naturelover #detoxyourlife #iamgoddess #divinefeminineenergy #knowyourower #youareloved

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