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So, I posted my before pictures in our 45 Day Fit, Fierce, and FABULOUS TRANSFORMATION group this morning and it was quite nerve racking for me. See, I’m old enough to know my curves and angles so that’s usually all I post on social media.

No one wants to be real, raw, and authentic these days. But for me, I have to show you my flaws along with my fabulousness so you can see my growth through the process.

Those who may be down on themselves have to see that transformation is also possible for them too.

Our egos somehow convince us that we are not enough and if we are not looking a certain way, then we are lacking something. If we have gained a few pounds, it’s over for us. Many of us can only see the things that we don’t love about our bodies. Even me! After I posted my before pictures in the group, I immediately wanted to mention the thing I disliked about my body the most (which was my back). I self corrected though.

I encourage you to self correct when you think of what you don’t love and redirect to being positive. For instance, “my back is what allows me to stand in my truth”. My back is what allows me to walk in the direction of my goals. “My back is strong”. Learn to speak life into yourself while you’re growing into who you want to be. There are enough people who are going to say cruel things about you. You don’t have to be one of them.

Day #4 Let’s go!

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