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The beauty of Ubud:

I was sitting in my favorite coffee spot last week having my cappuccino and looking out the window. I find myself going in and out of a meditative state when I’m there because it’s always so peaceful Ristretto Coffee Cafe.

Well, last week a beautiful lady walked in and smiled at me. Of course I smiled back. She spoke with a lovely Russian accent and said, “I hope I don’t sound weird but, there’s something about you”. “I love your tattoos, can I take a picture of your back?” I’m a sucker for accents so I said, “yes”.😀

I’ve had strangers want to take pictures with me, but not many who want to take pics of me. (At least not on their phones).

Nonetheless, I allowed her to and carried on with my work. I didn’t bother to ask her to let me see it. Neither did I think about it after that.

Well, today I’m sitting in the same cafe having my cappuccino and that same beautiful lady walks by. She noticed me sitting in the same spot and double back and came in.

She said, “I’d like to get your instagram id because I’m going to send you the picture I took of you in black & white, you’ll love it”. Well, she was right, I love it! I don’t know what it is about it, but I really do love it so much. (See the full size version on my IG stories @iamgoddess1).

I’m not sure what she saw in me when she asked to take the picture but the beauty of Ubud Bali is there are so many creatives here passing through, and living here.

I’ve been praying to meet all the people who line up with my mission. I’ve also been praying for the resources necessary to help me to build on that mission.

I’ve been studying #thelawofattraction for two years and I’m learning how to put it to work. “Ask, BELIEVE, receive”. It’s that simple.

The Universe, the Ancestors, and God are all working on your behalf.

It was only a matter of time before I’d meet a beautiful and talented photographer who is also on her own mission.

Thanks for my picture @alina.dolaeva I can’t wait for the opportunity to get to work with you!

#paradigmshift #iamgosdess #believe #bag #transformation #lawofattraction

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