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Let me pose a question to you...Do you count & celebrate the small pieces?

Imma share a quick story with you so you understand...I was having a conversation the other day with my son and I mentioned to him how I was tired of trying to help women liberate themselves and embrace their wholeness. I asked him if he thought I was in the wrong business and if I should move on to something that I actually know how to do.

He said, “mom, you’re asking the wrong person because I think that you can do EVERYTHING”.

He said, “even in our hard times, I always remember you coming out stronger in the end”. “I can’t answer that because I look at your life and I only see in you what aspire to be”.

Wow! How could I argue with that, right?

He went on to say, “mama just keep being yourself and as long as you know your intentions, the right people will come.”

He went even further to say, “until that happens, “get it how you live and keep going.” “Ain’t that what you teach mama?” That meant a lot coming from my 22 yr old son.

So, I’ve been using my own life in my offerings/coaching courses because it’s real life.

For 3 years I’ve been evolving my brand & wanting to attract my ideal tribe of those who understand, can afford, and are willing to invest in the same for themselves. (It’s been a life long evolution now that I think about it.)

Anyway, I was about to stop and do something more SELF SERVING. Something easier and more comfortable. After speaking to him, I said to myself, “Easy is average. Anyone can do easy”.

So, I set my intentions and ask the GOD/GODDESS/The UNIVERSE to show me.

See, what happens is we don’t realize that no matter how small the puzzle pieces are, as long as they fit, they still count in the big picture.

I didn’t realize when I said, “I wanted to travel around the world to speak, inspire, and empower people”, I was actually doing just that by simply empowering myself.

The same day after speaking with my son, an Indonesian woman approached me at the gym and told me she had been watching me and I inspire her.

She said, “I love your style & your confidence.” “You have amazing energy.” It hit my heart and I reach out and grabbed her hand. She kept going saying, “I have always wanted to be confident like you.” I reminded her that just by approaching a complete stranger to impart kind words shows her confidence and she should celebrate that.”

Her and I talked for 30 minutes and it felt amazing to hear her story, which was my confirmation. I felt in complete alignment!

So, my question again to you is...

Are you in search of huge pieces & overlooking the small pieces of the process? They all count! Keep going!


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