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I had no idea two months ago that I’d be waking up in a whole new dimension. The only thing I knew is that I needed to do something to feed my soul.

I took 2020 and the new decade seriously. I understand that we are living on borrowed time and I wasn’t living at all. No more talking the talk without walking the walk. NEW YEAR, NEW ME for real.

I had always been in control, or seeking control... and for what?!? This is the first time in my life that I’ve come to grips with I have no control over anything. The only thing you ever can control is YOU.

You can’t control the job you hate, the people who you are in relationships with, the stuff you have, NOTHING. Not even your own children. Let me repeat, “YOU CAN ONLY CONTROL YOURSELF!” Those things and people can be gone in a heartbeat. You can’t control that. Besides, things and people mean nothing if your spirit isn’t at rest.

I’m realizing that I don’t need much anymore. My peace of mind and joy is what I find to be important. I’m learning how to UNLEARN everything I thought I knew. When you dare to do a new thing, you create a new story and you grow because there is almost always some contrast and resistance.

Hell, I learned my first lesson along my journey with this whole Coronavirus chaos. Anyway, that’s another story (see my YouTube channel for details).

But, What if you could start over fresh without any past disappointments, fears, or doubts. What would you do differently? How would you design your life? You have control over that.

Yet we limit and hold ourselves back everyday by trying to be in control of people and shit we will NEVER control. The rug can be pulled from underneath you at any point. Why not start doing what you have been thinking about doing right now?

Self control is what I’m seeking and it starts in the mind.

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