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I decided Sunday, March 31, 2019 (Nipsey Hussel Assassination) that I was going to really start getting to know myself better. It was something about that death that affected me on a real deep level.

I found that I was missing something in my life. No matter how much I talked about my strong confidence in self, my strong belief in self, and my love for self, I was still missing something. I wanted to get to know the real TRUTH about who I AM.

Had I tapped into my fullest potential of self? Surely, there has to be more. Something HIGHER is calling me. I hear, but I’ve ignored it. Quite frankly, I have feared it.

I have been on a quest to see what that more is and to not only hear from my higher source, but to start listening and trust it.

We often are hearing the same call to go higher, to dig deeper, but that’s some scary shit. So, many of us just live in fear and we run away from what’s calling us rather than run to it because we know we will be GREATER for it.

We have been programmed to believe that the calling to our TRUTH is insanity. But what’s really insane is to keep doing the same thing in our lives (running away in fear) and expecting something new to take place.

I see the shift in the land. I see what’s going on in the world and how strange things have become. I don’t want to die running away from myself.

I clearly see the disconnection amongst us as human beings in this earthly experience.

And ultimately, the disconnection within ourselves doesn’t allow a full connection with anything, or anyone else. We are just existing and running on borrowed time.

I have decided to do a new thing and reconnect with myself while re-programming my mind. That self mastery is a bitch. The fear of knowing the TRUTH will not keep you from it. You can run in fear, but you can’t hide.

RETREAT, RESET, RECALIBRATE, RECONNECT. It’s time🙏👑❤️ #speakyourtruth #bestillandknow #goddessglowup #paradigmshift #levelup #lawofattraction #knowthyself

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