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I asked myself, "Goddess, who would ever want to argue, denounce, insult, or hate such a beautiful woman as yourself?" And the answer is, the more you grow and the more visible you become, you will not always attract those who love you. Be warned, you will also attract those who wish they were you, and are mad that they aren't.

Yesterday, I got called a "stupid ass" on social media for having an opinion that was different from the masses. I've always been a FREE THINKER. Trust me, there were many times my mama slapped my lips off for saying what I thought.

I put myself out there to speak up for what I believe in and I usually speak for those who have not yet found their own voice.

I encourage those folks to go within and be the bad ass and own their TRUTH.

Are you strong enough to endure the responsibility and criticisum of what you have been called to do though? It takes courage.

I show up in some capacity EVERYDAY. I spread love, I dont spew hate.

My platform is growing and its not just about the lovely pictures & videos I post. Its the fact that I have enough CONFIDENCE to post them. Its the fact that I have a voice.

There are only a CHOSEN few who will and who believe in themselves enough to go against the grain and show up. Only a few who will allow themselves the FREEDOM to be whomever they want to be in the moment.

Although there are those who will admire that about you, there are also those who will hate you for it.


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